Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hobie Anthony - Contributor News - Apparatus Magazine

Read" "It's Next Door" by Hobie Anthony

In Apparatus Magazine

Hobie Anthony (Portland, Oregon) writes flash fiction, and is starting a novel and polishing a collection of linked short stories. He has been published online at Wigleaf, Dogzplot, and Ghoti. The forthcoming print anthology, "Dogs: Wet and Dry," will be his first print publication. In his spare time, Anthony rides his classic Schwinn Speedster through the streets of Portland.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Editor - Stefanie Freele - Short Story Collection Released - title "Feeding Strays"

Dogs: Wet & Dry Editor News: Stefanie Freele's Short Story Collection titled "Feeding Strays" released by Lost Horse Press.

To order signed copies:

Back Cover Blurb: A woman hides from her husband in a fish tank and another absently bakes sponges inside her tarts. Appliances drop from the sky, men grapple with chainsaws, women struggle with hormonal violence, and abandoned boys beg on doorsteps. Enter into the territory of broken people and the folks that love them. Sensitive and unruly, sincere and absurd, Stefanie Freele’s Feeding Strays is a collection of fifty short stories, both slipstream and modern, about children, family, relationships, and oysters.

"These expert, graceful mini-portraits of the life-jostled, the uncallused,
and all the others who struggle with familyhood, are moving, sensitive, funny, and true. Stefanie Freele is a writer with a grip on the human spirit. "
—Deb Olin Unferth, author of Vacation

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Contributor News: Bruce Boston - Bram Stoker Award

Bruce Boston's dark poetry book, "The Nightmare Collection" (Dark Regions, 2008) has received the Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writer's Association.

Also, Bruce's most recent poetry collection "Double Visions" a collaboration with ten other speculative poets has just been released by Dark Regions.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Announcing: Sherrie Flick's New Novel: "Reconsidering Happiness"

University of Nebraska Press presents "Reconsidering Happiness" a novel by Sherrie Flick.
To order:
The two silent Ss of Des Moines beckon twenty-three-year-old Vivette with a sexy finger, and a promise. So, in the mid-1990's, she convinces Grandpa Joe-Joe to sell his Buick for twenty dollars, leaves behind her friends, her job at a hip New England bakery, and an affair with a married man, and moves to Iowa. Margaret who left the same bakery years earlier on her own restless quest, offers pointers from her cautiously settled Nebraska life.
In a story of lust and longing, love and loneliness, dissapointment and desire, stretching from the East Coast to the West, these two pioneering women navigate through secrets, lies, decisions, and compromises, shared over pool tables, postcards, and shots of whiskey. Starting up, starting over, slowing down, they crisscross each other's lives like highways on a map, always escaping, flying toward a dreamt future, and trying to avoid the charted course.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MOTEL - Fiction by Stefanie Freele - Bannock Street Books

The innovative new publisher Bannock Street Books presents the artbook/chapbook MOTEL: a short story by Stefanie Freele paired with photography contributed by Sarah Black.

MOTEL will soon be available on the Bannock Street Books website:

In the meantime, signed copies of the book are available from the author:

$7 plus $2 shipping


Or by check:

Stefanie Freele
1083 Vine St. #352
Healdsburg, Ca 95448

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Contributor News - Daniel Olivas -

Daniel Olivas's story, "Gordon," which will be featured in Dogs: Wet & Dry, will also appear in his latest collection, Anywhere but L.A.: Stories, forthcoming this fall from Arizona State University's Bilingual Press. Daniel recently moderated a panel at the AWP Conference in Chicago on his recent book, Latinos in Lotusland: An Anthology of Contemporary Southern California Literature (Bilingual Press, 2008), where Daniel brings together 60 years of Los Angeles fiction by Latino writers. Website:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Contributor News: Barry Graham's The National Virginity Pledge

Now available - Barry Graham's The National Virginity Pledge - Short Stories and other Lies

Praise for The National Virginity Pledge!

“Barry Graham’s heroes want to love, yet bigger than their love for people and things is their capacity to destroy the objects of their affection. He doesn’t scorn them, though; he treats them with care and a loving tenderness. He turns grief, betrayal, and violence into something close to poetry, and finds beauty in places we should never wish to visit.”–Stefan Kiesbye, Next Door Lived a Girl (Low Fidelity Press)

“…with its clipped, achingly real dialogue, and its effortless and vivid description, it achieves a relentless undercurrent of: “Look closer: there is more.”"–Mary Lynn Reed, 5 Star Literary Stories

“Barry Graham’s stories are little cries for help from way in the corners and deep in the cracks of contemporary fiction.”–Jeff Parker, Ovenman (Tin House)

“Barry Graham’s writing hits hard because it is raw and honest. He will suck you in with equal parts everydayness and voyeurism.”–Aaron Burch, Hobart: Another Literary Journal

“…it remains a funny, reckless, fast paced, and edgy voice from beginning to end.”–Dan Wickett, Emerging Writers Network