Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Editor - Stefanie Freele - Short Story Collection Released - title "Feeding Strays"

Dogs: Wet & Dry Editor News: Stefanie Freele's Short Story Collection titled "Feeding Strays" released by Lost Horse Press.

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Back Cover Blurb: A woman hides from her husband in a fish tank and another absently bakes sponges inside her tarts. Appliances drop from the sky, men grapple with chainsaws, women struggle with hormonal violence, and abandoned boys beg on doorsteps. Enter into the territory of broken people and the folks that love them. Sensitive and unruly, sincere and absurd, Stefanie Freele’s Feeding Strays is a collection of fifty short stories, both slipstream and modern, about children, family, relationships, and oysters.

"These expert, graceful mini-portraits of the life-jostled, the uncallused,
and all the others who struggle with familyhood, are moving, sensitive, funny, and true. Stefanie Freele is a writer with a grip on the human spirit. "
—Deb Olin Unferth, author of Vacation